By:  Christine Elqadah

I was not born into Islam, and I am forever grateful that Islam found me at the perfect time in my life. I was at a crossroads, and Islam helped me become the true person I was meant to be and shaped who I am today. The Quran has been my guidebook navigating this ever-changing, fast-paced life we live today.  I strive to become a better Muslim and better human being with every breath I take.

I reverted to Islam in 2000. I came from a very strict religious Catholic family and attended Catholic schools even through college.  I moved to Florida on my own after college and began branching out meeting people from all walks of life. I was in transition and staying in a hotel when I met a kind receptionist my age. We started spending time together; she was American, married to an Egyptian man. I was fascinated by their culture and met more Arabs through them. Soon, I met my husband, and, it was through him that I was introduced to Islam.  Subhan'Allah, I was hooked.

Islam made so much sense to me.  All the questions I had about my Christian faith were answered through Islam and the truth I had now found. Christianity is full of mystery and blind faith. I had so many questions about my faith growing up that no one was able to answer. Through the Quran, all the mysteries were dispelled. There is a reason for all that we do and all that we should do to be people of faith. I was like a child yearning to learn more at every turn. I asked many questions and did lots of research.

Doors were opening for me in a way I never imagined possible. I felt more comfortable in who I was and what direction I wanted my life to go in. I had Islam on my side, I had a focus, and I had the noble Quran as a reference.

Now, many years later, I am in awe at how I am still learning something new with every turn I take. My journey to Islam was never forced or overwhelming.  I knew Islam was right for me, because it seemed natural.  I felt as if the right bits of knowledge were presented to me when I needed them the most. All the puzzle pieces fit into place, and it didn't feel forced. It felt peaceful, serene and right.   

My quest for knowledge and my desire to deepen my spirituality had only grown stronger as the years have passed. This excites me; I know that I can always get closer to Allah (swt) and deepen my understanding of Islam.

I don't believe that meeting certain people or being in the right place at the right time made me a Muslim. I believe that it was the true divine work of Allah (swt) that opened my heart to the truth and changed my life for the better. Alhamdulillah!!

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