By:  Sundus Alsharif

People told me beauty is a reflection

But do twisting rays of shadows yield affection?

People told me beauty is strings of hair hitting a luminous sun

I saw only lush lips and fine figures yielding affection.

People told me beauty is a showcase of every card in the deck

A scarf covering hair like leaves of a willow tree won’t bring affection.

People told me beauty is pixels of edited celebrities

 Pixels do not feel, but their masks vast as mountains capture affection.

Mountains without masks are created by The One who fashioned the world in seven days

Clothing grass with morning moist, watering wheat as droplets pierce through the sky, He alone shows me affection.

Their beauty does not dive into crevices of my soul

I hold beauty in sweaty hands and Allah’s love in each chamber of my heart, feeling affection.

Hair hidden in leaves of willow trees, my mind is growing

Body covered by wings of birds, my thoughts are free, with affection.

I used to paint pictures in the sand, pretending I wasn’t an outcast in their hands;

Now:  I’m dreaming of the Promised Land, feeling affection.

People told me that beauty is a showcase of every card in the deck

But, my soul yearns for invisible Kings and Queens, in affection.

Every nerve of my soul prostrating to Allah, my Lord

When I worship, reciting His word, five times a day, feeling affection.

I finally believe that beauty is more than what a reflection can see

And, twisting rays of shadows led me to Allah’s affection.