The Islamic Society of New Tampa (ISONET) is dedicated to serving the religious, social and educational needs of the local Muslim American community in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah. The Masjid is considered house of Allah and therefore its facilities are available to every Muslim. However, it is owned and administered by ISONET which is the primary entity responsible for these goals. The Board of Directors will allow others to conduct activities on the Masjid premises that further these goals. Prior to an outside organization conducting any activity, the following requirements must be met: 1. Scope of Event a. All activities must be conducted in accordance with basic Islamic principles and in observance of the laws of the United States of America. b. The activities must not promote or discriminate against any of the major Muslim schools of thoughts (Madhabis). 2. Use of Facility a. No activity may be conducted which interferes with the normal operation of the Masjid including prayers, classes, and regularly conducted events. b. No organization will be allowed to conduct activity or promote their organization on a regular basis. c. Upon completion of the event, the facility and all property must be returned to the same state of maintenance and cleanliness as before. 3. Promotion of Event a. Announcements: Requests for announcements, including after Jummah, other prayers, or other events, must be submitted for approval one week prior to announcement date to b. Events: requests from outside organizations for holding events on ISONET premise must be submitted for approval two weeks prior to the event date at i. Organizations approved to use the facility are responsible for the security of their attendees/participants. ii. Organizations approved to use the facility must deposit $100, which will be refunded if the facility is returned clean and intact. c. Marketing material: Flyers, posters, and other material advertising the event must be submitted for approval two weeks prior to the event to 4. Certificate of Liability Insurance a. All organizations requesting use of the facility must carry liability insurance for $250,000 or an indemnification agreement, which can be requested from ISONT website contact page listed above. 5. Disclaimer a. All activities carried out and the views expressed therein will be of those involved and not of ISONET, and ISONET will assume no responsibility or liability. Any outside organization that does not get prior approval, violates this policy statement, or does not have the approved liability insurance or indemnification agreement on file will be forced to stop all activity. Additionally, ISONT has the right to deny any request with or without cause. Approved by the Board of Directors of the Islamic Society of New Tampa.
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