Organization name: Trauma counseling center

Organization website:

Organizer name: Sujana Afrin

Organizer email address:

Organizer phone : (813) 774-2477

Organization description: mission, vision, and activities : This will be second month where I am requesting to use the venue to run selfcare group for women. First session was successful and they have requested to more sessions. Since there aren’t that many help out there for our society, as mental health care professional, I can help these females to help themselves in a proper manner during stressful time.

Event date: 7/13/2019

Event start time: 11:0:0 AM

Event end time: 1:0:0 PM

Event location: Old Building

Will food be served?: Yes

Will the kitchen be used?: No

Expected number of attendees?: 20

Brief description of the event: Self care group for women