Organization name: AlMaghrib Tampa

Organization website:

Organizer name: Siham Palliagath

Organizer email address:

Organizer phone :

Organization description: mission, vision, and activities : Asslamu Alaikum!

We are an Islamic educational institution and we provide opportunities for Muslims to increase their knowledge about Islam as well as potentially earn a certificate in Islamic Studies. We offer one-day classes as well as multiple-day courses throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Event date: 5/17/2019

Event start time: 4:0:0 PM

Event end time: 9:0:0 PM

Event location: New Building

Expected number of attendees?: 100

Brief description of the event: We are requesting to use your facility for a one day course which will be led by Ammar AlShukry and the topic will be relevant for Ramadan. Jazak Allah Khair