Organization name: Mercy Without Limits

Organization website:

Organizer name: Ahmad Erchid

Organizer email address:

Organizer phone : (813) 984-9898

Organization description: mission, vision, and activities : Vision: 
A better world for women and Children

To educate and empower women and children by enabling them to have an effective and positive role in constructing a better society.
Mercy Without Limits strives to meet the needs of neglected and underserved communities so that future generations may have the tools they need to create meaningful change in their own lives. Working with partners around the world, we empower communities to recover, build resiliency, and thrive in the face of unfortunate circumstances.
MWL acknowledges that everyone deserves the necessities of life including: food, clean water, shelter, clothing, health services, and opportunities for sustainable growth.
MWL respects and supports all types of cultures, habits, and individual and community customs.MWL ensures that all stakeholders are involved in assessment, program designing, and implementing by activating all necessary tools to achieve the highest level of accountability.


Orphan care, food security, support education, water and sanitation hygiene, healthcare, Micro project/livelihood, emergency response, and seasonal projects.

Event date: 2/1/2019

Event start time: 6:0:0 PM

Event end time: 8:0:0 PM

Event location: New Building

Will food be served?: No

Will the kitchen be used?: No

Expected number of attendees?: 200

Brief description of the event: Islamic Lecture by Yusuf Estes followed by fundraising at the end.

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