Islamic Society of New Tampa (Masjid Dar Us Salaam) Policy Statement – Use of Facilities:

Organization name: Tampa Muslim Scouts #226

Organization website:

Organizer name: Baha Khaled

Organizer email address:

Organizer phone : (813) 300-0796

Organization description: mission, vision, and activities : The bi-weekly meeting for Tampa Muslim Scouts #226

Event date: 10/21/2018

Event start time: 9:0:0 AM

Event end time: 10:30:0 AM

Event location: Old masjid building

Will food be served?: No

Will the kitchen be used?: No

Expected number of attendees?: 40

Brief description of the event: The bi-weekly meeting for Tampa Muslim Scouts #226

Please check the box below.: By checking this box, I agree to comply will all rules and regulations listed in the ISONET Facilities Use Policy.