General Mosque Mannerisms

Park your car in specified space only. Never double park or block the way.

Walk to prayer - do not run!

Place your shoes on the racks only. Do not leave them on the floor.

Ensure your clothes cover your 'awrah.

Ensure your clothes are clean and you smell good. Use miswak or brush your teeth before prayer.

No talking (even reciting Quraan or Zikr) during salat-ul-jama’ah

Straighten the line and don't leave any gaps between you and your neighbors

Do not perform any movement before the imam performs it

No food or drinks in the prayer halls

Avoid yawning, burping (and sneezing, if possible) while praying

If you have a cold, avoid praying in the main hall (use the side rooms)

Bathroom and Wudu

  • Do not use the toilet while standing
  • Leave the place dry and clean
  • Do not waste water
  • Wipe and dry the wudu stall after every use


  • Avoid bringing children who may cause disturbances during prayer
  • Ensure children are controlled and do not cause disturbance, play or run during salat-ul-jama'ah