Weekly Quran Class For Boys Ages 7+

Class Description:

  • Nooraniyyah class for those who need Noraniyyah.
  • Nazirah preparatory class for those who have completed Nooraniyyah
  • Hifz class for those who are ready for hifz. all of this depends on  the evaluation of student.  

Expected Outcome

  • Ability to read Quran fluently
  • Readiness for the Hifz program


Target Audience:

  • Boys Ages 7+

Class Duration:

  • Ongoing class

Class Size:

  • Maximum 4 students per session

Class Timing:

  • 5:00 to 7:00 PM,  Monday - Thursday
  • You can choose two days per week depending on availability

Class Teacher:  (Imam Junaid Khan)

  • Bachelors in Islamic education from a prestigious institute in Pakistan
  • Ijaza (sanad) of hadith and tafseer from scholars of Tunisia
  • Professional teaching experience since 1995 in various schools

Contact Information:

For additional information, please email Imam Junaid at imamjunaid.isonet@gmail.com