The New Tampa Muslim community is overwhelmed and humbled. 

Thank you friends and neighbors.

Dear Community Members:

Assalamu Alaikum,

We were all shocked Friday morning to learn of the arson attack on our beloved mosque. However, the outpour of support we have received has been beyond uplifting. As you reflect on the attack on our place of worship, focus not on the hate that caused it, but rather on the solidarity that it inspired.

On Friday evening, we had a diverse crowd of people that came to stand in support of the Muslim American community - simply to remind us that we are not in this alone. We were humbled by the presence of rabbis and pastors, as well as individuals from various faith and minority communities, who unequivocally expressed their support for our community.

We have also received upward of 50 emails from people - not only from our local community, but from concerned individuals in California, Ohio, D.C., and even as far as Canada and the U.K. - condemning the attack on the Islamic Society of New Tampa, asking what they can do to help, and reassuring us that they stand with us in these difficult times. You can see a sampling of the genuine messages of support we received below.

The onus is on us to reciprocate. It is our obligation, both as a collective community and in our individual capacities, to continue to build bridges with our fellow Americans. Together, we are undeniably stronger. The Muslim-American community is not the only minority community that is under attack, and it is our duty to stand with those who did not hesitate to stand with us. Moreover, knowledge is the best way to fight ignorance and fear, which is why it is so critical to ensure that our neighbors know who we are. Please take this message to heart and act accordingly.

I’m so glad that no one was hurt, but I am outraged that anyone would be so vile as to destroy a house of worship. I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, my brothers and sisters, my fellow Americans.

Please let me know if I can be of any service to you.

The Jewish and Muslim communities must and will be united in this time of growing violence and hate. We will not stand aside while you are threatened.
I was so very disheartened to hear of the vandalism of your beautiful place of worship. One of my students invited me to your open house a few months ago; what a wonderful experience it was. I enjoyed meeting your members and trying in a hijab! A new experience for me. I have long admired the dedication of your members, to their faith.

Please know that the vast majority if our community believes that we are enriched by the culture you share, and are glad you are a part if this big mix if diversity. We have much to admire from your example of peace and brotherhood.

Peace be upon you and your people.
I am from Connecticut and just learned on the fire that was intentionally set in your mosque. My heart goes out to you as this act of intolerance is unacceptable. Please know that the majority of people are with you in thoughts and prayers. I wish you well and please know you are surrounded by love and light.
Just another Jew writing to say I’m sorry this happened, I hope the perpetrator is found and prosecuted, and that this should not happen in the US (or anywhere). Peace.
— From California
I just read about the horrible attack on your Mosque. I am a non-Muslim in Edmonton, Canada, and I heard about it on twitter. I was very relieved to hear that no one was hurt in the fire.
I just wanted to reach out to your community in what must be an incredibly upsetting and scary time to let you know that there are people all over the world who are thinking of your Mosque and your community with love.
— From Canada
We were dismayed to hear about the fire at the Islamic Society of New Tampa Daarus-Salaam Mosque. Please feel free to contact my office if we can be of assistance to you in any way. We called a couple of times but were unable to leave a voice message. Our number is 813.653.7061, if we can do anything to help.
— Senator Tom Lee (Florida)
Hello, I am not Muslim, but I pass by your Mosque every day on the way to work. I am sickened and devastated by the arson there last night. I wanted to show my support by reaching out. I am also sharing your fundraising site- but more than anything, I would love to know more about Islam. Do you have any events scheduled for the community to learn more? If not, can we set something up? I have plenty of people that want to learn more. Thank you. Love and peace-
I heard that someone set fire to your mosque. I hate that anyone would do something like that and am really not happy about all the hate running rampant. I would love to offer support w clean up or rebuilding or anything that you need.
Please contact me
Although I am not a worshiper in your Mosque, I wanted to let your community know how upsetting it was to hear of the vandalism that occurred at a house of worship.

As an American, I love and respect the diversity in this country, and I stand with you all, and will always fight for your right to worship freely in this nation.

I am only able to contribute a small amount monetarily, but know that my support for the Muslim community is unwavering. If help is needed in the form of volunteers, please let me know.

Please know there are many members in the community here for you all

May peace, love and light surround you and your worshipers now and always.

May peace, love and light surround you all throughout this healing time.
I heard about the arson committed at your mosque and wanted to offer my help in anyway. I am not Muslim, but I find it obscene anyone would single a group out based on their beliefs. I live in Florida, and if there is anything I can do to help with damage, please contact me.
I read about what happened in the newspaper. It breaks my heart it really does. I’m 26 and when I was young I was taught to love everybody. I just wanted to say I love all of you and I hope that you rebuild stronger than ever. I stand with you.
I was saddened to hear of the fire at your lovely Mosque. As a Catholic mother with Reform Jewish husband and children, I had the pleasure of chaperoning my sons’ trip to a nearby Mosque in Glen Ellyn, IL. The congregants were warm, inviting and welcoming and held a small luncheon for the children afterwards. Our country is so filled with hated and ignorance that they fail to see the goodness in the majority.May the community surround you in this time of need. Assalamu Alaikom (I hope that is correct).
— From Illinois
I was very sorry to read about the hateful attack on your house of worship. Please know that I will pray for your community and will continue to speak out against hate and bigotry.
With the love of our Creator,
I, as most Americans , are appalled at the actions against your place of worship. We are ashamed of the people that attacked you. Here in California there are thousands of people that are working toward derailing trump and his hateful actions. Please accept our apologies for this dispecable act.
— From California
I was terribly saddened by the news of suspected arson at your beautiful mosque. I wanted to reach out and offer my assistance in cleanup or any other needs that this heinous act may have created. I will be encouraging other members of my Christian community to join me in standing firmly in solidarity with your community.
I was deeply grieved to read of the vandalism and arson of your facilities. I am a Christian and an American with roots reaching back to colonial times. The hatred you have endured do not represent me, or Christianity, or any legitimate American value. I abhor what is happening in my country now, and I am doing what I can to counter the hatred that pervades our society. Please know that there are many like me who are looking for a voice to advocate tolerance, respect, and love between human neighbors. Please accept my sincere regret that you and your congregation have to endure these things in a country that should represent freedom and dignity for all people.
I was horrified to hear that your mosque has been attacked by an arsonist. These shameful acts of hatred do not speak for me or for the America I believe in. I pray that soon Americans will realize that Islam is a faith which promotes peace, a faith which respects every human being and which condemns any act of violence.
I have heard about the attack from a friend in the US, and am sending you peace and sympathy and light from Hove, UK during these hateful and difficult times... may we keep peace and friendship alive in our hearts, wherever in the world we are, and whichever our faith
— From the UK
I am embarrassed and ashamed for my fellow countrymen who in their ignorance and fear set this fire. The people who purposely caused this act of violence and hate probably think they are patriotic Americans. They are mistaken and hopefully in time will see the error of their ways. Your place of worship is a sacred space and deserves respect as all places of worship deserve not only here in the United States of America, but around the world. My wife and I will make a donation to your organization. I am a second generation Jew, and I still believe in the American Dream and will never ever give that up until my final breath. I hope and all your family and friends will continue to follow your American Dreams, too.
On behalf of all Americans, I apologize for the trouble you are enduring due to a cowardly act of arson. This act does not speak for all Americans. I hope you can learn to trust the community around you again, and that the people around you will earn and live up to that trust. We are a diverse nation and it is diversity that makes us strong.
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— Hope K.