Organization name: Trauma counseling center

Organization website:

Organizer name: Sujana Afrin

Organizer email address:

Organizer phone : (813) 774-2477

Organization description: mission, vision, and activities : When stress overwhelms from daily activity, it overwhelms the nervous system in our bodies and floods it with chemicals that prepares us to "fight or flight." This can be life saving in an emergency situation where we may need to act quickly. It wears our body down from the constant stress of our daily lives. Its very hard to avoid stress, and a state of intense rest can rejuvenate our mind and body into a state equilibrium. A variety of relaxation techniques can put our mind and body into ease: Daily walk, meditation, gardening or writing.

Event date: 6/8/2019

Event start time: 10:0:0 AM

Event end time: 12:0:0 PM

Event location: Old Building

Will food be served?: Yes

Will the kitchen be used?: No

Expected number of attendees?: 40

Brief description of the event: I am planning to have women self care group. I believe this group will help many women to deal with their daily stressor.