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Our Greatest Gain

By: Sr. Kanwal Malek Saba


Now that the anti-Muslim rallies are over…What did we gain, and what exactly did the people who organized it achieve? These rallies, as we all know, were encouraged, if not completely organized by, Jon Ritzheimer. By protesting against Islam, in his mind, he was upholding his patriotism to the US. He had also invited people to bear arms and show up at as many mosques as possible.

The response to such bigotry came forth as many non-Muslims and Muslims taking up the cause on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. These tweets and posts were all in favor of Islam, promoting an environment of peace and anti-bigotry. Many people came out to their local mosques to defend their Muslim neighbors and show solidarity with them. Our local Red Crescent Clinic offered free services that day and spread the message of kindness. 

In the words of our great leader Prophet Muhammad PBUH “Certainly, people will follow you, and certainly people will come to you from all quarters of the earth to understand religion; when they come to you, guide them toward goodness”. Our greatest gain this weekend was coming out as one united Ummah, but in a peaceful manner.

The Prophet PBUH also said “The best jihad is a just word before a tyrannical authority.” Let us all strive to continue to show people that Islam is a faith of peace and tolerance. Let us all vow to continue to show our community members that we are as American and as liberated as anyone else. Our greatest gain will then be a nation by our side, our very own nation…the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

1 Comment