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By:  Gr. 7 Students @ Bayaan Academy

Students in Grades 6/7 have looked at some of the great values that were the foundation of America in their Social Studies Class.  Those values are : justice, valor, perseverance, purity, innocence, hardiness, vigilance.  We have found that these values are timeless and are also values shared in our Islamic tradition.  The students were asked to come up with a sentence expressing these values from an Islamic perspective. 

Islamic Values

“Without the foundational values of Islamic justice, the world would be very chaotic.” ~ Tehman Mobin

“The valor of the Muslims when they fought The Battle of Badr was so powerful that their enemies described them as tenacious lions.” ~ Muhammad Husayn Totten

“In order to be careful not to make sins, one must have perseverance.” ~ Ebru Tuzcu

“When one’s thoughts are pure, his heart achieves the highest state of purity.” ~ Ammaar Mohammed

“Many ayat in Surah Noor are about the innocence of Hadhrat Ayesha (RAA).” ~ Hana Khan

“Muslims all around the world should have hardiness. We should be patient in all conditions, because we have to have strong faith in Allah (SWT).” ~ Fabiha Nasir

“As Muslims in America, we must maintain vigilance about the things we do, because we need to give a good impression of Islam due to the incorrect depictions of Islam in the media.” ~ Amr Rhazi