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By:  Sundus Alsharif

There are moments in time that I will


never forget.

Like the smell of fresh grass, laughter of friends,

Or the sky before it’s about to rain

Like the rain I always blocked with an umbrella, I saw the world through

rose tinted glasses—

of flowers that grew through cracks

smiles that shined on

even the most shattered of mirrors.

A breath of innocence that children have.

The kind of wonder I used to have.

I want to know what happened when I lost my passion.

I think it was when

I forgot how to feel my fingers making prints in the warm sand.

My heart lost its beat,

I was sleeping and awake.

What a horrible place my mind must have been—

a mind trapped, afraid to think. 

My words paint thoughts I never think:

A canvas of beautiful words that don’t live in me. 

They flow off of my lips, 

putting me asleep, and never waking me up.

I think next time, when I brush my fingers across the warm sand, I have to feel a little closer. 

Speak a little louder. 

Dream longer. 

Act even stronger. 

Because I remember a man who had still had a dream despite every person who told him he was wrong

I know of a woman who said “ I will not” when asked to give up her seat to a white man.

I remember a man who spoke words of peace to those who mocked him.

I remember a sea being split in two. The blind opening their eyes. A baby being able to speak.

I know of a book that has the same letters, words, and pages now as it did 1400 years ago.

A beautiful canvas of words that don’t just live in me, they encompass my entire being.

Now, when I brush my fingers across warm sand, each granule runs through my heart

I used to look for justice in rose tinted glasses.

Now I find justice from inside of me

Every soul born in goodness, I know that this justice comes from You, oh God.

It’s inside of me, and us all.  

There are moments in time that I will

never forget.

Like the smell of fresh grass, laughter of friends,

Or the sky before it’s about to rain—

I finally trashed my umbrella, and started to

dance in the rain. 


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By:  Fauzia Raza



وضو سے چلو
وضو سے پھرو
وضو سے پڑھو

وضو سے ہنس لو
وضو سے رو لو
وضو سے جی لو

وضو سے سو لو
وضو سے اٹھ لو
وضو سے جھک لو

وضو ہی تم ہو 
وضو ہی نماز ہو
وضو ہی قرآن ہو 

بلا وضو۔۔
نہ نماز ہو 
نہ قرآن ہو

وضو کی عظمت کو پہچان لو
اپنی نفسانیت کو پہچان لو
اپنی پاکیت کو پہچان لو


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Good-Bye Angel Face

By:  Kanwal Malik Saba

They are saying humanity has washed ashore,

I can't endure this, I can't take it anymore.

How can I watch an angel disappear?

A sigh escapes, and then rolls down a tear.

While we plan our lives ahead,

A precious child is now dead!

My pain is raw, my remorse is mountainous,

Is this world a haven, or is it simply perilous?

Are humans devoid of humanity today?

Do we still have our souls or did the bodies decay?

I can cry a thousand tears, but to no avail,

Aylan will not come back but his name will prevail.

My angel face, we will meet you on judgement day,

We will hug you and hold you, in a desperate way!

We are sorry we couldn't keep the enemies at bay

But one day, we will help the migrants find their way.

We pledge to show empathy and more humanity,

We promise to put an end to this mindless calamity.

We vow we will make this world a better place,

For now, sleep, so the angels can kiss your face!!



Only Because of Him

By:  Sundus Alsharif

How beautiful our Lord is. 

He doesn't give us the next life for free. 

It comes at a tiny price. 

Maybe a mustard seed of goodness for every prayer and deep thought and moment of obedience.

And when I think of the atom's weight of good that might exist in us all, it was nothing in comparison to His Mercy and Nearness. 

But He gave us Islam to perfect ourselves.

To be the tall tree in a world overflowing with wilted roses.

To be like the traveler amazed at the sights but dreaming of going back home.

So to every person who laughs at what they call "rules", they aren't rules. 

They are our Lifeline. Our Honor. The only thing we should ever be proud of.

And the very code of living that they have mocked is a gift from the Most High. 

And it has set me and us all free. Free from my lower self.  Free from the demands of an ever-changing world. Free from the opinions of people. 

To find a true version of me and us all that is timeless. So our dream of living forever was finally actualized. 

But only because of Him. 



Hijab 101 - A Poem

By:  Sundus Alsharif

People told me beauty is a reflection

But do twisting rays of shadows yield affection?

People told me beauty is strings of hair hitting a luminous sun

I saw only lush lips and fine figures yielding affection.

People told me beauty is a showcase of every card in the deck

A scarf covering hair like leaves of a willow tree won’t bring affection.

People told me beauty is pixels of edited celebrities

 Pixels do not feel, but their masks vast as mountains capture affection.

Mountains without masks are created by The One who fashioned the world in seven days

Clothing grass with morning moist, watering wheat as droplets pierce through the sky, He alone shows me affection.

Their beauty does not dive into crevices of my soul

I hold beauty in sweaty hands and Allah’s love in each chamber of my heart, feeling affection.

Hair hidden in leaves of willow trees, my mind is growing

Body covered by wings of birds, my thoughts are free, with affection.

I used to paint pictures in the sand, pretending I wasn’t an outcast in their hands;

Now:  I’m dreaming of the Promised Land, feeling affection.

People told me that beauty is a showcase of every card in the deck

But, my soul yearns for invisible Kings and Queens, in affection.

Every nerve of my soul prostrating to Allah, my Lord

When I worship, reciting His word, five times a day, feeling affection.

I finally believe that beauty is more than what a reflection can see

And, twisting rays of shadows led me to Allah’s affection.