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The New Hijri Year - 1437

By:  Sr. Magda Elkadi Saleh

The first day of the new Hijri year is right around the corner:       Are you ready?

As one Hijri year comes to an end and another approaches, we should take time to reflect on how we spent the last twelve months, and how we plan on spending the twelve yet to come.

 ·         Have we made the world a better place?

·         Have we enriched someone's life?

·         Have we developed new habits that will allow us to serve our Creator in ways that are pleasing to Him?

Take a few moments today and throughout the new year to:  Contemplate... Reflect... Smile... Believe... Strive... Support Others...  Appreciate all that has passed....  Anticipate all that is yet to come... Set daily goals that are achievable....

Achievable Daily Goals [Sample]:

 1.       Learn something new;

2.       Do a good deed;

3.       Find a solution to a problem;

4.       Try to be the best you can be; and

5.       Thank and praise Allah... Always!

Wishing everyone a most blessed and amazing new year! Make it count...