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Girl Scouts' Achievements

By:  Manar Sarsour

Masha’Allah, the Muslim Girl Scout Troop has been busy finishing off the year with many accomplishments. The Daisies, Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes have completed different “Journeys” and earned many skill badges this year. It will definitely be a year for the girls to remember, having gained great friends, made amazing crafts, and experienced new things.

This year, our troop will be completing three (3) different service projects. The Girl Scouts donated purses, backpacks, personal hygiene items, along with baby supplies and crafts for kids to go to a Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan. Masha’Allah, we had over 90 reusable bags/purses/backpacks donated that we filled with supplies for the women and kids there. Another service project we completed was making dog chew toys and cat scratchers using recyclable materials to donate to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. The last service project of the year will be to make Chemo Care Kits for Cancer patients at a local hospital. Masha’Allah, the girls decided to do this project with the profit/donations they earned while manning cookie booths during Girl Scout Cookie Season.

The girls have been learning how to make some cool crafts as well. The Brownies and Juniors had an appreciation lesson for moms that included hadith and nasheed sung by the girls for the mothers. The girls made homemade hand scrubs for their mothers using all natural ingredients. The Cadettes have been learning how to hand sew, crochet and make decorative knots. The Juniors learned how to weave pot holders. The Daisies made an animal journal as they completed their Animal Journey. The entire troop participated in a Recycled Runway Fashion Show. The girls worked together in teams to design and dress a Daisy member in recycled materials. They all had a blast!

We only have a couple of meetings left until we conclude the activities for the year. Insha’Allah, in August, we will be opening up registration so that more girls can join our troop. However, we need females that are willing to volunteer to be a troop leader or assistant troop leader. Please email if you are interested in becoming a troop leader.

Way to go girls! 

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Girl Scouts - An Amazing Experience for Girls of All Ages

By:  Manar Sarsour

Masha'Allah the Girl Scouts have been learning and having so much fun these past couple of months earning their badges, experiencing new things, and making friends.

We have been learning about science and technology, so we went on a field trip to MOSI. The girls participated in many activities. The Cadettes used technology and made their own movie. The Juniors learned about coding and programmed items on the computer screen to move. They also learned about force and energy and built their own roller coasters. The Brownies learned about computers, using an online search engine and sending emails. 

The Daisies worked on the Earth Journey. They learned about how to be prepared for trip or a journey. They also learned about their feelings and how it's ok to express them the right way using good words. We went outside to collect nature things and sort them out in various ways. They learned about flowers, made foam flowers and learned how the flowers get nutrients by making flowers using straws. We ended it up with learning about our special skills ( good reader, good at cleaning up, helping each other...). We worked on a poster about helping to protect nature and the environment around us.

The Brownies have been learning about countries all over the world including Italy, Russia, Palestine, and China. They are learning about the culture there and how each country is different regarding water conservation. The Juniors have been working on their Business Owner and Product Design Badges. We visited a local farm to see the products they sell and the type of marketing they use. Then the girls broke up into groups to design their own product, market it, and make a commercial.

World Thinking Day is February 20th. We are working with the other Girl Scouts in our Council and will be presenting Egypt. The girls are really excited and made SWAPS (Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere) to represent Egypt and exchange it with the other girls at the event. This will be an amazing opportunity to for Da'wah insha'Allah. If you would like to volunteer to make an Egyptian dish so that we can share it with the Girl Scouts at the event, please contact Sr. Manar.

COOKIE SEASON IS HERE! Please support your Muslim Girl Scout Troop. The profit made will go towards activities planned for the rest of the year. The cookies are Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Rah-Rah Raisins, Savannah Smiles, and Trefoils. They are $4 per box and we can deliver to you. Please email with your order.


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Girl Scouts Update

By:  Manar Sarsour

Alhamdullah, the Muslim Girl Scouts have been busy these last few weeks with different learning experiences. The Juniors got very creative with writing individual opinionated essays then all contributed with writing a group fictional story. They even made their own percussion instruments using balloons, cups, rubber bands, beads, and other household objects. All the girls had an opportunity to go camping with other Girl Scouts in the area and had an amazing time learning archery, tie-dying, candle-making, and more! 

The Girl Scouts also participated in the Breast Cancer Walk hosted by Making Strides at Wiregrass Mall this year. The Girl Scout founder, Juliette Gordon Low, had breast cancer so it was great to see these girls make a huge presence at the walk to support breast cancer awareness.

 The Daisies and Brownies are finished with their 1st Journey Badges. The Daisies have been learning about composting and gardening. The Brownies have been working on S.T.E.M. activities, working in teams and learning about building structures and performing science experiments. The Cadettes and Juniors worked together to learn about a healthy lifestyle and did a fitness activity together. 

 We had a guest speaker, Sr. Ameena Khan- a teacher and a local artist that came to give the girls an art lesson. The beautiful artistic work from these girls was fantastic. They all had a great time learning a new way to express themselves by drawing.

 Masha’Allah we are very proud of these girls and insha'Allah this program will provide them with an amazing experience.

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Muslim Girl Scouts - Troop #124

By:  Sr. Manar Sarsour -  Troop Leader

Alhamdulillah, the Muslim Girl Scouts this year are off to a great start!

As a multi-level troop from ages 5 - 13, we have, masha'Allah, 43 girls that are learning the Girl Scout Law in accordance with the teachings of Islam. We begin each meeting with the Fatiha and go on with the Girl Scout traditions. The girls are learning new skills and are appreciating the bond they share with one another. They did research, gave speeches about the childhood of some women in our history (Khadijah bint Khawaylid, Aisha bint Abu Bakr, Maryam bint Imran, Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman, Sally Ride, Malala Yousefzai, etc), and talked about their accomplishments. 

They learned about Hajj:  Its history, its purpose, the do's and the don'ts, and the rituals from a wonderful presentation by our guest speaker that day, Sr. Magda. Then, the girls had to tie in the Girl Scout Law by discussing how Muslims practice it when performing Hajj. One Girl Scout said that Muslims are "using resources wisely by not wasting water while performing wudu, because that is zam zam water, and it is special". 

For our Eid party, we invited a non-Muslim Girl Scout Troop because they were interested in Islam and our holidays. We had a "Hajj simulation," where the girls performed the rituals of Hajj and were able to earn the Hajj patch to put on their vests. We had craft stations where the girls made dhikr beads, wrote their names in Arabic and used glitter to make them stand out, made lanterns and even put on Henna. The non-Muslim Girl Scout Troop loved learning about Islam, Hajj, and how we celebrate Eid.

Insha'Allah,  we hope to do more with the community this year, and we are very excited to see the ideas that the girls will come up with to better our community.