By:  Sundus Alsharif

How beautiful our Lord is. 

He doesn't give us the next life for free. 

It comes at a tiny price. 

Maybe a mustard seed of goodness for every prayer and deep thought and moment of obedience.

And when I think of the atom's weight of good that might exist in us all, it was nothing in comparison to His Mercy and Nearness. 

But He gave us Islam to perfect ourselves.

To be the tall tree in a world overflowing with wilted roses.

To be like the traveler amazed at the sights but dreaming of going back home.

So to every person who laughs at what they call "rules", they aren't rules. 

They are our Lifeline. Our Honor. The only thing we should ever be proud of.

And the very code of living that they have mocked is a gift from the Most High. 

And it has set me and us all free. Free from my lower self.  Free from the demands of an ever-changing world. Free from the opinions of people. 

To find a true version of me and us all that is timeless. So our dream of living forever was finally actualized. 

But only because of Him.