By:  Kanwal Malik Saba

They are saying humanity has washed ashore,

I can't endure this, I can't take it anymore.

How can I watch an angel disappear?

A sigh escapes, and then rolls down a tear.

While we plan our lives ahead,

A precious child is now dead!

My pain is raw, my remorse is mountainous,

Is this world a haven, or is it simply perilous?

Are humans devoid of humanity today?

Do we still have our souls or did the bodies decay?

I can cry a thousand tears, but to no avail,

Aylan will not come back but his name will prevail.

My angel face, we will meet you on judgement day,

We will hug you and hold you, in a desperate way!

We are sorry we couldn't keep the enemies at bay

But one day, we will help the migrants find their way.

We pledge to show empathy and more humanity,

We promise to put an end to this mindless calamity.

We vow we will make this world a better place,

For now, sleep, so the angels can kiss your face!!