By: Sr. Magda Elkadi Saleh

My heart is with you as you grieve,

A loved one that has taken leave;


At a predetermined time departed,

For many, it seemed, their lives just started;


Others lived lives long and full,

All, on our heartstrings, had a pull;


They graced our lives with joy & love,

Before being called to Allah above;


With time, less sharp becomes the pain,

And coping skills, we start to gain.


For “Life is for the living”……


Slowly the joy returns to our days;

Clarity begins to replace the haze.


The memories that bring us smiles return,

And, for normalcy, we strive and yearn.


They were our sons, our daughters too,

Our fathers and mothers, they were not few;


They await us in a blessed place,

As we must continue, life to face.


We must strive on, day after day;

“Oh, Allah, strengthen us!” we pray.


For, “Life is for the living”…


“Give us the strength to persevere,

To accomplish great feats year after year;


Give us the faith to accept Your will;

We know that, despite our loss, we must enjoy life still.”


We must enjoy life and hold most dear,

Those around us and be filled with cheer;


We must live the legacies, and embody the dreams;

We must continue on, as difficult as it sometimes seems.


With each dear departed that leaves our lives,

A new one enters; a loved one survives.


For, “Life is for the living.”