By: Sr. Magda Saleh

We all lost an hour of our lives, when the time changed this past Sunday, March 8. We will not get a chance to reclaim it until the Fall, six months from now.

Subhan'Allah, when the time changes twice each year, we become very conscious of this "loss" and "gain" of an hour to our lives. We frantically move through our homes changing all of the clocks - on the microwave; on the stove top; hanging above the mantle, the bedroom dresser and the kitchen table - all in an effort to not miss any important appointments or commitments we may have that Sunday or Monday immediately following the time change.

Subhan'Allah, every day of our lives, Allah is giving us an extra chance to earn His pleasure, while at the same time bringing us one day closer to the day when our opportunities for earning His pleasure will end. Yet we do not approach each day with the same frantic energy we have when the time comes to "Spring Forward" or "Fall Back."

Today, just days after we have moved our clocks forward one hour and have lost an hour of our lives, who among us can guarantee that we will live to see the day six months from now when we will have the opportunity to gain it back?

Let us approach each day with an energized spirit and the intention to make every hour that we have count. Let us endeavor to find new ways to earn Allah's pleasure. Let us "Spring Forward" in our quest for knowledge that is pleasing to Allah, and let us share it with others, so that they, as well, can benefit from it. Let us "Spring Forward" and lend a hand to organizations, projects, and individuals to help build a stronger and more vibrant community.

Let us not "Fall Back" and be content to know what we know and stop seeking further knowledge. Let us not "Fall Back" and be content to watch others leading the way and working hard to serve us and others.

"Spring Forward;" take the lead; work hard to earn Allah's pleasure every precious and fleeting hour of every precious and fleeting day.

May Allah grant us the wisdom to recognize the blessings that He has bestowed upon us; may He make us of those who use the blessings He has given us to benefit ourselves and others; and may He accept our efforts and reward us in this world and the next.

"Spring forward; don't fall back..."