By: Sr. Malak Fakhoury

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious

**This is not at all intended to falsely quote our beloved (peace be upon him) or attribute something to him which he did not say, but rather to demonstrate what he had every right to emphasis even though it was not his practice to remind with favors anyway.**

“O Messenger of God! Have you heard what they are claiming about you?” “Leave them, for surely they know not what I used to do.

Did anyone tell them-
I tore off my shirt’s sleeve as to not wake a kitten from its sleep.
I went on a walk with a mentally disabled lady who wanted to speak.
I looked for the place on my wife’s cup where her lips drank from because that’s where I wanted to drink.

Did anyone tell them-
I turned down the offer of mountains of gold for poverty. I brought my wife on trips and raced with her playfully. I listened to the stories of the elders in the community.

Did anyone tell them-
I stood up in the night and cried and cried for my nation’s wellbeing.
I sacrificed my privacy so people could know ever detail of proper living.
I preached that a person has not completed their faith if they slept satisfied while their neighbor was starving.

Did anyone tell them-
I told people not to waste water even if they lived by a river.
I stressed that if a man was good to his family nothing would be better.
I accepted the pressure of reciting an entire Book even though I couldn’t read a single letter.

Did anyone tell them-
I considered myself a brother to all the messengers who preceded me.
I took a bedouin who relieved himself inside a Mosque to the side, and explained why it’s not okay go to the bathroom on a place so holy.
I was sent as this world to perfect manners, and as a mercy.

Did anyone tell them-
I held my tongue in front of the enemies who through animal intestines on me and call me names such as magician, poet, and crazy.
I ordered that if a war was to be fought, Muslims couldn’t harm a tree.
I forgave the ones who murdered my family and tried to assassinate me.

Did anyone tell them-
I made sure the widows were looked after and the orphans had provision.
I used to greet my daughter when she came into a room, kiss her on the forehead, give her my seat, and take her by the hand if we went to another location.
I reminded people of the importance of the mother, saying heaven is under her feet so she is treated like a queen by her children.

Did anyone tell them-
I let my grandkids crawl on my back while I prayed.
I noticed when the lady who cleaned the Mosque was missing, became hurt no one told me she passed on, and went to supplicate at her grave.
I visited the woman who was sick even though, before that, she threw trash in my way.

Did anyone tell them-
I defended women’s rights and stopped men from taking their infant daughters to the desert to be buried, but to love the baby.
I was nicknamed the honest and trustworthy, by all of my society.
I smiled so wide that my back molar teeth would show, even though I knew what horrors were hidden from humanity.

Did anyone tell them-
I made sure the citizens of other faiths who elected me as their leader knew they could practice their religion without fear.
I stressed that regardless of color all people appear before their Lord equal, righteousness being the only thing that makes some superior.
I ended slavery and didn’t tolerate any form of racism or allow nobles of tribes to think they were any better.

Did anyone tell them-
I slept on the floor and tied rocks to my stomach not to feel the pains of hunger even though I could’ve been treated like a king.
I didn’t ask for the people who stoned me to be punished when I had the opportunity and conquered a city while coming in on a camel, prostrating.
I saved the special request I was given to be used for my followers on the Day of Judgment, when everyone will be panicking.

Did anyone tell them-
I heard a mother bird flocking over me with distress and commanded that whoever took her eggs return them to her nest.
I noticed tears in a camel’s eyes and became upset with its owner for not treating it in a way that was best.
I taught to be kind to a dog if it was thirsty and not to neglect cats.

Did anyone tell them-
I tuned towards people with my whole body and not just my neck.
I joined a pact to make sure social justice was ensured and the weak weren’t taken advantage of, even before I was a prophet.
I helped with chores around the house and repaired my own shoes if they needed to be fixed.

Did anyone tell them-
I told my companions that until they loved for others what he loved for themselves, they were not believers.
I will be the only one calling for my nation the Day everyone is only concerned with their own affairs.
I will ask God to save everyone who believed, even if their faith was the weight of an atom, so they are saved from the worst of Fires.

Did anyone tell them-
I urged people to have compassion with those on earth so the One in heaven would show them compassion as well.
I stopped people from worshiping idols of wood and stone, and guided them towards the Most Merciful.
Andddd I was even ranked #1 in Michael Heart’s book of the world’s most influential.”

“Surely if they knew you, they would love you. Tell me, how can I teach the people?” “Be as I was, and follow my example.”

“There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of God a perfect pattern for anyone whose hope is in God and the Last Day and [who] remembers God often.” (Qur’an, 33:21)