By:  Ridha Mohamed, Gr. 5 - Bayaan Academy

A Muslim has many of rights toward another Muslim. Here are five main rights.

One of these rights is returning the greeting of Salam. For example, if someone says “Assalamu alaikum”, then we should reply properly, by saying “Wa alaikum al-salaam”  or “Wa alaikum al-salaam wa rahmatullah”. We should not say : “What’s up YO?”.

Another right is visiting the sick. For example, if a Muslim is sick, we should go visit and help them. We should definitely make du’aa for them, if we are unable to visit them.

The third right Muslims have over each other is attending funerals. When a brother or sister Muslim dies, we should attend the funeral. We should help the family deal with the loss, cook for them, visit them and pray for them.

The fourth oneright is accepting invitations. If someone invites you to a EID party, GO!

Last but not least, you should say YARHAMAKUM ALLAH to one who sneezes, and says “Alhamdulillah” after the sneeze.

These rights are very basic.  If we practice them in our communities, maybe we will improve the bonds between the Muslims; at least we will follow the sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him.