Arabic Language Class

Class Description: 

  • Basic Arabic language lessons.

Expected Outcome: 

  • Student are expected to develop basic  Arabic language skills including letter, simple words, compound words, vocabulary, and simple sentence formation.

Class Fees:

  • $40/Month for Arabic Language
  • $70/Month for Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • $100/Month for Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qura'an and Nooraniyah.   
  • Cash or Check Accepted
  • Late fee of $10 will be applied for late registration after the 5th of every month
New Tampa Masjid (Daarus Salaam)

Target Audience: 

  • Children (boys and girls)
  • 5 years old and older

Class Duration: 

  • 120 min

Class Size: 

  • Open

Class Timing: 

  • Every Saturday
  • 10:00PM to 12:00PM

Class Teacher:

  • Sr. Hoda 

Contact Information: 

For additional information, please email Sr. Hoda at

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